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Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers

The Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers is an Unité Mixte de Recherche of the CNRS (UMR 7538 – Institut de physique INP) and the Université Paris13, within the Galilée Institute.

The scientific activity of the institute is substantially experimental and dominated by Physics and Optics. In a general way, we study the matter-waves interactions, in fundamental fields (atomic and molecular physics, spectroscopy, …) or more applied fields (organic electroluminescent diodes, biomedical optics…) and often pluridisciplinar fields, at the interface with solid state physics, chemistry, biology and nanosciences. These studies range from the isolated atom to living environment, by way of biological or simple molecules, aggregates or materials. The wave is either a tool for getting information on the environment, either the studied subject itself, for both lasers and light or matter waves.

The laboratoire is composed by eight experimental teams and it counts about seventy people (10 C.N.R.S. researchers, 25 “enseignants chercheurs”, 15 technicians, about 20 PhD students and post-docs), and also master students and visitors.

The LPL participates to the LabEx First-TF via its research team « Metrology, molecules and fundamental tests». Its research fields can be synthetized as follows:

  • Parity non-conservation in molecules
  • Frequency transfer by optical link and frequency measurements
  • Optical determination of the Boltzmann constant
  • Stabilized lasers development for high resolution spectroscopy
  • Theoretical developments in molecular and atomic interferometry
  • Compact frequency comb development


Contacts FIRST-TF:

Frédéric DU BURCK, Mail: frederic.du-burck(at)

Vincent RONCIN, Mail: vincent.roncin(at)