The FIRST-TF network is directed by Yann Le Coq (SYRTE). The former director was Noël Dimarcq (SYRTE) over the period 2010-2018.

Its governance is based on:

One Bureau which is in charge of implementation and current operation of the different aspects of the network (call for proposals, membership demands, …).
Gathered around the director, the Bureau comprises the administrative responsible of FIRST-TF (Marine Pailler, SYRTE), a program manager (Clément Courvoisier) and representatives from each of the five founder labs: FEMTO-ST (Yann Kersalé, Enrico Rubiola), GEOAZUR (Julien Chabé, Clément Courde), LPL (Frédéric Du Burck, Vincent Roncin), SYRTE (Philip Tuckey, Luca Lorini), UTINAM (François Meyer, François Vernotte).

One steering committee which defines axes of FIRST-TF, examines membership demands, suggest strategic orientations, ranks the demands after a call for proposals, etc. It comprises representatives from each direction team of the 5 founder labs, the director of FIRST-TF network and 6 scientific experts: Jean-Pierre Aubry (T/F consultant), Pascale Defraigne (Observatoire Royal de Belgique), Jérôme Delporte (CNES), Virgile Hermann (Thales Avionic Systems), Martina Knoop (PIIM), Nary Man (Artemis).

One strategic committee which endorses proposals made by the steering committee and play the role of a inter-institutions committee for Time-Frequency in France. It comprises representatives from parent institutions  and the director of FIRST-TF network. Representatives from ANR, CNES, DGA and CNRS regional delegation which is the credits manager attributed by ANR to FIRST-TF Labex, are permanently invited with consultative voice.